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Electric water cooler,
deep freezers and water cooler cabinets, stainless steel water cooler and drinking water cooler, electric fan and cooling blower, Window Air condition, Split Air condition, Ice Cream Cooler, water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, industrial water chillers, air cooled, Bottle Cooler & Kendy Plant, Ice Cream Cabinet, Chillers, And Mobile Candy Plant.


Our Products


Window Air Condition


Split Air Condition


Water Cooler

Water Coolers can be water coolers to offices, businesses and homes on a rental basis. Neeleshwar Aircon Industries cooler is the most advanced on the market With interchangeable. An efficient way of keeping your staff and customers naturally cool and refreshed. It costs a lot less than you think.


Deep Freezers Vertical Type

four door refrigerator is an Under counter Refrigerators, Four Door, Compact Refrigerator with Stainless Steel and Glass Door Refrigerator. Neeleshwar Aircon Industries offer a commercial two, three or four door format refrigerator. Four door refrigerator is a commercial domestic freezer. It costs a lot less than you think.


Bottle Cooler

Neeleshwar Aircon Industries Bottle cooler will keep your water, wine, beer and other bottles cool all day long. Bottle cooler, delivered fast and it will keep your drink icy cold and ready to drink. Place your cooler upside down in the freezer and leave until the liquid inside. Cooler specialize in commercial catering equipment 


Ice Cream Cabinet

special cabinet for your food, ice cream/gelato, bakery, deli and pastry. Ice cream dipping cabinet and ice cream cabinet kelvinator. Ice-cream cabinet with silver anodised top frame, drain plug, baskets with many dividers and castors


Ice Maker



Neeleshwar Aircon Industries  beverage chiller is used to storing your non-perishable canned and bottled beverages, like beer and soda, outside of your refrigerator to free up more space for those perishable foods and drinks. Great for holiday and special occasion time


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